La Bete

When I agreed to meet up with an old aquintance of mine, we didn’t know where to go.  After a little bit of googling and looking at menus, I suggested.  A 20 minute walk later, I ended up in Capitol Hill.



We grabbed seats at the bar, featured a very open kitchen, so close, I could feel the heat coming from the french flattop burner (not fun working in firont of those).


My dining partner, “C” and I started with some Salt and Pepper Pork Rinds, which came with some pickled shallots.  They were delicious, but not the best I’ve ever had.   Personally, I like something with a little more crunch.


Next came the La Bete Deluxe: Painted Hills burger and Kaesespaetzle rabbit sausage.  When we were first looking at the menu, we thought, why is there a burger on the menu?  But when we saw a burger being made, we were sold.  We were also offered the choice of fries or caesar salad as a side.  We opted for the fries.  I always go for fries, not just because they’re friend and delicious, but because I want to see how other places do it.  The fries however, were the only miss of the night.  They were almost identical to the fries at the Coterie Room.  As for the burger itself; it was really good.  I would have that burger again.  “C” mentioned that the bun was from Macrina bakery, and suggested that I go, which led me to the ham and cheese brioche in my previous entry.


The Kaesespaetzle was actually a feature for the night.  It was served with rabbit sausage which had a lamby flavour to it, as well as a sunny side up egg, which tied it all together.


For dessert, we shared a sundae with lemon curd, puffed wild rice, and hazelnut madeline. Overall, it was quite nice. it’s a place I would return to. It was actually my best meal in Seattle this time around.


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