And here we go…

How the hell do you start your very first blog entry?  do you say hi and introduce yourself?  Or you just pretend people kno what the hell you’re talking about and just go about writing whatever it is you write about?  I started this blog to keep in touch with people and keep them updated on my trip (Hi Joe!).  What the hell is this guy talking about?  I’m going on a trip.  Start today until…I don’t actually  know until when.  I don’t have a return flight.  I just have some money in the bank for a return flight when I need it.  Where am I going?  Seattle, NYC, Washington DC, Toronto, London, and then we’ll see what happens after.  I’ve got a bunch of other places on my list, I just don’t know what I’m going to go.

I live in Vancouver, so Seattle is relatively close.  I chose to go to Seattle because I could fly to NYC for much lower price.  Canada’s just way too expensive for things; from airfare to phone bills.  I’m saving a lot of money by flying from Seattle.  Also, if anyone has every had the pork belly confit banh mi at Matt’s in the Market, they would understand that a 4 hour train ride to Seattle is worth that sandwich.  For me, that’s a Three Michelin starred sandwich.  I’ll take that over my entire meal at Per Se.  More on that later.

To Me, New York City is the place to go for good eats.  yes, Noma in Copenhagen is the best restaurant in the world, but, New York has a special place in my heart.  It’s where I dreamed of going when I was in school.  I had been there two years ago, eating at some of the best restaurants of the time.  NYC is my gastro tour city.  It’s where I’ll spend my money primarily on eating at Michelin starred restaurants. 

Washington D.C….why you wonder  (or not)?  There are no Michelin stars there, and the biggest chef there is Jose Andres.  I don’t have tickets to his supposedly-hard-to-get-but-not-actually-that-hard Minibar.   I also enjoy taking pictures.  I think it’s what keeps me a little less insane in my life.  Like amazing food and the San Diego Comic Con, it brings a little joy to my life.  I’m just going there to take pictures.  It’s somewhat close to NYC, so, I thought, “Why the frak not?” 

Toronto.  If I didn’t have friends in Toronto, I would never step foot in that city, but I do.  That and I’m flying to London from there.  I don’t really have any restaurants that I want to check out.  Let’s see what Toronto’s got. 

London.  I’m going to leave that as a bit of a mystery for now.  We’ll talk about London when I get there.

In the meantime, enjoy my next blog entries.


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